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Celebrate our Art School

For the first time, we’re producing a book to chronicle the development of this influential school from its early days in the centre of Bath, through to the Academy at Corsham Court and on to its current home at Sion Hill.

We’re also looking provide better access to, and understanding of, the Corsham Collection, which includes artworks, artefacts and historical documents from the very beginning - and including works and contributions from our illustrious community of teaching staff and alumni. We want to ensure our unique heritage is catalogued, maintained and promoted - so it can be accessed for public interpretation and scholarly study.

Our story is your story. Share your stories of your time studying art in Bath or in Corsham. Let us know about your time with us and the impact it had on you.

Help us uncover and celebrate our history and our heritage by supporting our publication and our collection.

Every contribution helps us better understand, and demonstrate, the exceptional contribution Bath art has made to culture and creativity in the UK - and far beyond.



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Bath has a distinguished history for the making and teaching art that stretches back over 160 years, to the establishment of the Bath School of Art shortly after the Great Exhibition.

Since then, what was to become known as the Bath School of Art and Design has enjoyed a reputation as one of the leading art schools in the country, with some of Britain’s best known artists, including Walter Sickert and Howard Hodgkin, having studied and taught with us in central Bath, in Corsham Court, or latterly at Sion Hill.

Many people’s work has been formed and informed by their time at art school in Bath. As we look forward to our future, so we look back at our locations, our people, our collection and at our long and impressive history of teaching and making.


Our vision is to be a leading university in creativity, culture and enterprise. Through inspirational teaching and research, we transform students’ lives. Based in a World Heritage city and connected to a network of international partners, Bath Spa University will ensure that its graduates are socially engaged global citizens.


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We appreciate your support. With only a few thousand alumnae, it is essential we encourage everyone to give, however large or small their support might be. All gifts make a difference!

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Yes, by phone or through our online donation system. You can specify the amount and frequency of your donation. Please verify the expiration date of your credit card when planning to make a frequent gift and make sure the card does not expire during the period of the indicated gift.

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You can make a one-time gift, recurring gift or make gift payments through our online giving form. Please visit our webpage at for more information.

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We would welcome any enquiry about leaving works of art, however this would need to be considered by the Collections Panel.